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Why Choose Mobiso


Our patented Logical Choice technology is a layer of application intelligence for advanced disambiguation where Mobiso learns the habits of callers, employees and departments. The system self improves for an enhanced caller experience and accuracy of names. 


Our VMD Votacall Master Directory and Proprietary Names Database is one of the largest names databases in the world. The development of our names database started in the late 90's with our People Find product and the database is continually updated and tuned for an unparalleled experience for callers. 


Our Linguist Names Tuning Service collects failed utterances and reports them to our LNT servers. A professional linguist listens to each utterance and creates phonetic names entries into the LMD names database to continuously improve accuracy.  


Our Speech Enables Auto Attendant SEAA and Company Directory will scale from just a few users and departments up to 250,000. Callers will get transferred to the appropriate person or department by just speaking a name. 


Our Mobiso product integrates with any SIP Based phone system allowing integration with Broadsoft, Mitel, Avaya, Metaswitch and more. Flexible deployment options allow for premise and cloud based deployments. 

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