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As a service provider in today's competitive market, you need to offer a different service, one that provides value. Mobiso will fill the voice between being a vanilla VoIP provider or an application service provider adding value through applications. The Mobiso SEAA and directory tightly integrate with the Broadsoft allowing for speech-enabled Broadsoft services. 


Integration to Broadworks and Broadcloud means quick service setup and automation ongoing:


•Speech Enabled Auto Attendant: Enhance caller satisfaction & employee productivity and safety while reducing costs.  SIP registration – looks like standard softphone.


•Directory Sync: Mobiso retrieves employee directory from BW; automatically synchronizes adds/moves/deletes.


•Speech Enabled Meet-Me Conferencing: Rapidly respond and collaborate by instant conference calls on-the-fly with teams, colleagues, and business partners.


•Speech Enabled Anywhere Management:  Easy set Remote Office – Tell the system ‘send my calls to mobile phone’ to receive calls at a location via BW Anywhere.


•BroadWorks Authentication: Mobiso authenticates against the BroadWorks PIN for access to BW features.


•BroadWorks Spoken Name Sync: Employees recorded spoken names are synchronized to BW vmail.


Broadworks Integration Flow Chart
























Moiso Cloud Architecture




























Mobiso is already up and running on some of the largest Service Provider Networks in the world. We will be happy to provide a demo account on our cloud platform so you can test Mobiso on your own network. Call 866-303-8600 and say "Mobiso" for more information. 















Broadosft Integration

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