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MITEL Integration

Mobiso's SEAA is now available for integration to the MCD 5.0. Our client base includes prestigious fortune 1000 companies. Mobiso is the industry’s most accurate speech enhanced directories for use as Speech Enabled Auto Attendants and Speech-assisted Mobile Address books. Deployed worldwide by the world’s most successful enterprises and technology vendors, Mobiso delivers better business agility while easing the costs and inefficiencies of communicating in an increasingly mobile and distributed world.

See  Mitel Global Solutions Catalog for premise-based Mobiso deployment.

Looking for a Cloud-Based Speech Attendant?




  • SIP

Product Categories:

  • Integrated Application - Attendant Console

  • Integrated Application - Directory/Find Me

  • Integrated Application - Speech Enabled Auto Attendant (SEAA)

  • Network Services - Hosted/On-Demand Application

  • Professional Services - Custom Solutions Development

  • Professional Services - Installation/Systems Integration

PBX Platform:  Mitel 3300/MCD

A high-level multi-contextual Speech Enabled Auto Attendant (SEAA). 

Key Features: 
Speech Enabled Auto Attendant for quick and effortless connections to people, departments, products, with Linguistic Services. 

Key Features include:

  • Unifying directory scalable to over 250,000 entries in a single directory space

  • Superior accuracy through patented logic(Logical Choice)

  • FindMe

  • Customizable for internal/external callers

  • Automated Day2 tuning service to continuously monitor and improve speech performance

  • Tenant partitioning

  • Linux/Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) architecture

Key Benefits: 
Mobiso Speech enabled auto attendant callers are able to access an always accurate directory, and simply say the name of a person, department, or product, etc and the call is connected without regard to location or device 

Other Key Benefits include:

  • Quicker real-time connections

  • Enhanced productivity

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Disaster Recovery strategy

Mitel 3300/MCD 

Hardware Requirements 
Mobiso can run on any Intel-based server with the following minimum system requirements. Votacall will assist in software installation as required. 
• Processor: 2GHz Pentium 4 
• Memory: 2GB RAM 
• Hard Drive: Single 72GB drive 
• Network: 100MB network 

Target Markets: 
Education, Finance, Healthcare, Government. 


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