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Industry Solutions

01. Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities are among some of the larges organizations in the world. The density of faculty, staff, students, and departments create a never-ending battle to streamline communications. Evey faculty member, student, and department has its own number and the only way to find it is scrolling through a directory or surf the website and call that department directly. Mobiso creates a one number directory campus-wide. Imagine you can call into one number say the name of the person or department you are looking for and get connected right away. Simple, smart, easy, Mobiso. 

02. State and Government Agencies

As we all know cities, towns, state, local and the federal government employ millions of people and operate thousands of departments in the quest to provide services to citizens. One of the most frustrating things we do as citizens is trying contacting one of these agencies, we always seem to find the wrong number only to be told to call another number. Mobiso takes the frustration out of calling one of these agencies and makes for a truly one number gateway to the public. Imagine you can call one number and say tax assessor and Mobiso transfers you to the correct number immediately. Saving you time and frustration. Simple, smart, easy, Mobiso. 

03. Medium to Large Enterprise

When a customer calls your business how is the call handled? Using outdated dial by name directories only frustrates callers. Imagine your caller is driving and calls our business, they are likely speaking hands-free from their vehicle and they now have to use a dial by name directory and take their eye's off the road to fumble through someone's name on the keypad. With Mobiso you can speech-enable your enterprise, no more dial by name. When you receive a call the speech attendant welcomes the caller and asks them to speak a name or department, the call is transferred and the caller is satisfied, period! Simple, smart, easy, Mobiso. 

04. Retail, Restaraunt and
Multi-Location Operations

Many of today's retail and multi-location business operations face the pressures of competition. With Mobiso you can publish one number and when your customer calls all they have to do is say a location to be transferred to the store or location they are looking for, no more publishing a bunch of phone numbers or frustrating customers by asking them to hang up and call another number. You customer can simply call into Mobiso and say "Washington street Boston" they are automatically connected to the appropriate location and they are satisfied and impressed at the same time. Simple, smart, easy Mobiso.    

05. Large Directories such as Malls and Department Stores

Imagine your a mall operator and you have a solution that will transfer callers from the main number of a Mall to the store they are looking for. Today this is done through a series of touch-tone menus, it's frustrating and takes a lot of time. Not any more Mobiso is deployed in Malls across America. The mall publishes one number, the caller says the name of the store and Mobiso forwards the call to the appropriate store. Let's look at a department store. If I call Macy's and I am looking for a specific department I have to fumble through a menu to get there and I likely will press the wrong response and get transferred to the wrong department then put on hold and transferred somewhere else. As you know this creates frustration and wasted time. With Mobiso you can call in and say "men's formal wear" and you are transferred to the men's formal wear department in seconds. Simple, smart, easy, Mobiso

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