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Our Mobiso cloud-based deployment is cost effective and easily deployed. Our proprietary technology allows Mobiso to share speech servers in a multi-tenant environment allowing it all to be manged and controlled through a simple web interface. With growing bandwidth and the ubiquity of SIP, it is finally feasible to deliver high-quality speech applications from the cloud.The Mobiso Speech Assistant removes the previous barriers to broader speech acceptance and we can have you up and running in less than 48 hours not weeks or months, eliminating the hardware, budget and expertise issues.


Speech assistant in the cloud: The Mobiso Cloud-Based Speech Assistant is a speech-enabled auto attendant (SEAA) solution that improves the user VoIP experience. The highly accurate Speech Assistant lets customers reach employees quickly and effortlessly without the frustration of traditional ‘dial by name’ lookup.

With an increasing number of employees working from home or from their mobile devices, Speech Assistant enables a truly “numberless enterprise” and can be used to connect customers with employees, departments, even product information freeing key staff from repetitive low-value tasks to focus on higher value functions. These benefits have been well known, but the success of speech in the market was dampened by the costs of hardware, licenses, and the ongoing support needed to ensure accurate and satisfying user experiences. Mobiso's directory application gives the internal caller a superior experience, instead of looking up an internal extension you simply call into the company directory and say the name of the person you would like to speak with and Mobiso connects you.

Cloud Speech and your IP-PBX – a marriage in the cloud Mobiso can be connected to any IP enabled PBX that supports SIP. There is no quicker and easier way to add the value of a speech assistance and directory to your internal and external callers. Our team will work with you to register trunks back to our cloud platform and once configured Mobiso's easy management make directory add's or changes simple. Once enabled, a user dials the speech assistant through the IP PBX and is passed to the Mobiso cloud over SIP, where Mobiso converses with the caller to determine their destination. The call is brief, and the satisfied user is transferred to the extension or phone number stored within Mobiso.

The user may speak people, places, product names or whatever names are useful to your application. External callers, trying to reach your employees or departments can be serviced by Mobiso the same way, with a company greeting welcoming the caller and then routing the caller to the correct destination; in this way, Mobiso serves as a customer service application in addition to a speech dialer for the customer.

Cloud-Based Deployment

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