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How SEAA or Speech Enabled Auto Attendant works

When customers call your main number, how are calls being handled? Are you frustrating internal and external callers? You may be and you don't even know it. Typically a caller calls into your main number hears a greeting and presses a number or series of numbers to be transferred to an employee or department. Employees within your organization have to read through a list of extensions to find another employees extension or they fumble through the directory on the phone spelling that person name on the keypad. Mobiso solves the problem with speech recognition. When a customer calls into your organization they are greeted with an announcement and then asked to say the name of the employee or department they are looking to reach and the call is transferred. This same process works for an internal directory. The employee would select the vDirectory button on their phone or dial the voice directory extension and say the name of the employee they want to reach and Mobiso connects the two employees. Mobiso saves time and eliminates frustration.    



How SEAA Works

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