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Speech Assistant


Lyrix Makes Speech Recognition Work for Enterprises:

  • Superior Service Level Agreements and guaranteed business grade performance
  • Support for very large, diverse dictionaries
  • Advanced use of 'teams' and 'groups' to improve employee productivity
  • Sharing of contacts across the enterprise for quicker customer responsiveness
  • Advanced integrations to company databases and applications
  • Invoke Unified Communications and Collaboration services

 The Mobiso Speech Assistant is a speech enabled auto attendant (SEAA) solution that utilizes Lyrix’s patent-winning PeopleFind technology to fundamentally change the way your business communicates. The proven highly accurate Speech Assistant lets your customers reach your employees quickly and effortlessly without the frustration of traditional ‘dial by name’ lookup. Mobiso Speech Assistant begins with best-in-class ASR technology from Nuance, and utilizing proprietary PeopleFind software delivers a superior caller experience leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher employee productivity.

Mobiso Speech Assistant has been deployed among the world’s most demanding enterprises where accuracy, security, integration, and ROI are fundamental. With an increasing number of employees working from home or from their mobile devices, Speech Assistant enables a "numberless enterprise," allowing employees to be increasingly mobile and still reachable all while maintaining personal phone number privacy. Even with employee churn, that would negatively impact recognition performance with some SEAA solutions, PeopleFind Day2 Linguistics - available only from Lyrix - ensures continuous speech recognition improvement over time.

Speech Assistant can be used to connect customers with employees, departments, even product information freeing key staff from repetitive low value tasks to focus on higher value functions.

Recognition Accuracy:

High recognition accuracy over time is critical to the success of an SEAA deployment. Mobiso Speech Assistant achieves this first through the included Lyrix Master Dictionary which delivers superior performance out of the box by including all other name pronunciations from all previous and existing Lyrix customers. Additionally, Day2 Linguistic Services improve recognition over time by identifying and correcting substandard speech interactions. Thirdly, patented Logical Choice software remembers the callers’ preferences to improve recognition and reduce the time to connect. Finally, a customized caller experience is created through the web based Administration interface allowing enterprises to have a consistent and high quality customer interaction.

Multiple Deployment Options Supported:

Premise: Firstly, for large enterprises, Mobiso’s Speech Assistant can be deployed directly on-premise connecting to any enterprise IP-PBX.

Cloud-based: With growing bandwidth and the ubiquity of SIP, it is finally feasible to deliver high quality speech applications from the cloud. The cloud-based Mobiso Speech Assistant removes the previous barriers to broader speech acceptance, eliminating the hardware, price, and expertise issues. See Cloud-based Deployment Options Page:

In addition, Lyrix is a Broadsoft partner and incubator company, with Mobiso Speech Assistant available on the Broadsoft Xtended Marketplace. Our close working relationship has resulted in tight integration to Broadworks, enabling a fully automated provisioning and maintenance process. See our Broadsoft Solutions Page.

Mobiso Speech Assistant:

  • Superior accuracy for improved caller satisfaction.
  • Available as premise based or hosted solution.
  • Scalable directory size to over 250, 000 entries.
  • PeopleFind Linguistic Service improves recognition rates over time.
  • Tenant partitioned architecture supports multiple (up to 100) locations on a single server.
  • Compatible with any SIP based IP-PBX.

Ready to sign up now for Mobiso Speech Assistant or need more information?: Email Mobiso Sales, use our Contact Us form, or call us at 1-978-442-3000 and say: “Products and Services” to arrange a personal demo and price quotation.


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