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Mobiso is the creation of Lyrix Inc – a communications software and services company based in the Boston MA Metro area. Lyrix services and supports global Fortune 1000 leaders like Ernst&Young and CitiGroup UK and has built successful partnerships with leading communication providers like Avaya.

Mobiso’s multi-contextual Speech Assistant is now available for integration to Avaya Aura Communication Manager r6.0.1 and Avaya Aura Session Manager r6.1.


Mobiso’s integration with the Avaya Aura portfolio enhances and upholds Avaya’s belief that unified communications needs to stop wasting users’ time.


Mobiso’s Speech Assistant enables users to simply speak a person’s name, department, product or keywords important to the enterprise, eliminating painful dial by name inaccuracy and providing quick, easy connections and collaboration. Mobiso is a smarter and superior Speech Assistant for the enterprise supporting global, diverse directories with built in intelligence that learns and remembers a caller’s calling patterns and self-improves, providing enhanced customer service and productivity.

Mobiso completes Avaya’s unified communication platform launching valuable voice services with the simple power of your voice and creates a “numberless enterprise”.

Key Features:

      • Simply speak the name/department/product etc. for easy transfer
      • Find Me
      • Multi-Lingual
      • Customizable for internal/external callers
      • Unifying directory scalable to over 250,000 entries in a single directory space
      • Tenant Partitioning
      • Linux/SIP architecture
      • Flexible Deployment options: Hosted or On-Premise

Additional Features:

      • Speech Enable Conferencing and Call Center Solutions
      • Personal Contact Sync 

Key Benefits:

      • Superior Accuracy through patented software(Logical Choice)
      • Linguistic Services and Day2 continuous improvement for long term success and satisfaction
      • Disaster Recovery/Redundancy Configuration-fully synchronized databases

With Mobiso, Avaya users are offered the opportunity to create an extraordinary user experience and helps people connect safely and effortlessly, pulling together the right people, teams and information necessary the first time around.


Mobiso is a perfect solution to be deployed via the cloud, with simple procurement and provisioning, further extending enterprise valued cloud communications solutions to not only large enterprises, but for smaller enterprises as well, eliminating the barriers to a historically expensive solution to configure, install, service and support.




  • SIP

Mobiso is certified to be deployed via SIP as either an on premise or cloud based solution.

For further information regarding Mobiso, Contact us

Detailed Information on the solution is listed on the Avaya DevConnect website.

On-Premise Deployment Hardware Requirements:

Mobiso can run on any Intel based server with the following minimum system requirements:

  • Processor 2GHz Pentium 4
  • Memory 2GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: Single 72GB drive
  • Network 100MB Network
    • Lyrix will assist in software installation as required.


    Avaya Premise Configuration Guide


    Avaya Hosted Configuration Guide